In our company, at every moment we deliver all the attack necessary so that our clients are to taste between us. In our facilities, all person will be taken care of of the possible most pleasant way, or to come to buy or simply to make some consultation of any type, and by all means she will be taken care of to him with the greater possible brevity.

In addition, we have our commercial ones, that they will often go by its work to consult any type of doubt or so that you can ask for some budget or order to him, without you must move to our warehouses nor call to us by telephone, so that therefore him she can much more be comfortable. 

You can ask us for any product that creates advisable, because we have an amplest product range related to the construction and its derivatives, from articles of small ironworks to encofrado material of, happening through all type of machinery, even through articles of labor clothes, and although we do not have the product that you wish, we will be arranged to a possible management to be able to locate it by some route to our reach. In addition, we have an ample park to rent, with a great variety of machinery, that every day we do the possible thing so that it goes in growth. Our mission is to never say “not” to the client.